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7 fantastic small Camper Trailers with Bathrooms Included Camping , RVs & Campers When you’re in the thick of the wilds, sometimes you’ll need to tend to the needs of nature.

Logic may dictate that you’d require a bigger camper trailer to enjoy a spacious living area, multiple beds, cooking appliances, and a bathroom. As I’ve shown, that’s simply not true. It’s possible to shower, cook, sleep, and live in a camper that’s small enough to fit in your garage.

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Especially small RV/trailers bathrooms, because I’m intrigued with how to fit in all the things that make a bathroom doable for me… without taking up half the RV. So in this post I’m going to explore some of the options I’ve seen for a small bathroom; or more accurately, a bathroom in a small RV or trailer.

2018 Travel Lite Express 14...lightweight Like the Go trailers, the all-new Vast is a dual-purpose toy-hauler/camper, only this trailer packs … freeing up an indoor …

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The first thing you see when you walk in is the door to the bathroom … the trailer again. Over the course of the weekend, I …

15 small camper trailers With Which To Enjoy The Outdoors What a time to be alive! When the weather is nice everyone is happy and there’s this urge to go outside and enjoy nature at its finest.

RV bathrooms have to be kept clean and maintained throughout … When we’re in the backcountry, we grab a shovel and head to gorgeous vistas and serene forests. We notice the small things; the animals …

While there are many small campers with bathrooms available on the market, we explore four of the best that you can choose from in 2018. Casita Travel Trailers’ Spirit Deluxe Trailer The 17-foot Spirit Deluxe Trailer from Casita Travel Trailers is ideal for a small family.

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