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Cheapest Way To Paint A Car And trust me there is a way to paint a car with good quality in under 100$ worth of material. I spray for living. Once I have decided to spray a car with plasti dip. Car Paint drying time apply 3 or more coats waiting 5-10 minutes dry time in-between coats. Sand the primer in

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How to Paint a Car Yourself Easy Anywhere. Free Info and Details, Video, DVD, Manual, Tips, Instruction, Get Professional Results, Save Money Easy To Follow Instructions by Neil Slade, Paint Anywhere Inside Outside

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Equipment Needed To Paint A Car Steps To Repaint A Car Touching up a small scratch on your car with a little bottle of touch-up paint is easy. Before you start the job, mask the surrounding area well and use even, sweeping strokes to apply the paint. (Follow the directions on the can carefully.) The techniques used to paint the body

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