Dan Stous works in financial planning and wealth management. Online savings accounts initially came on his radar when he saw their interest rates steadily rise.

“The whole reason I was looking for an online account was because deposit rates at traditional brick-and-mortar banks have continued to stay low despite rising interest rates,” says Stous, who is the director of financial planning at Flagstone Financial Management in Lincoln, Nebraska.

He and his wife opted for a Discover® Online Savings Account, named Best Savings Account by NerdWallet in 2020, and started making monthly transfers into it to help save for a car. They were pleased to find the funds growing quickly with the account’s high interest rate and annual percentage yield (APY).

Whether you’re saving for a new set of wheels like Stous and his wife, a home down payment, an emergency fund or [enter your next big financial goal here], an online savings account could be your ticket to success.

Whether you're saving for a specific goal or trying to boost your savings in general, the benefits of a Discover Online Savings Account can help you get there.

What are the benefits of a Discover Online Savings Account? Here are six things to know about a Discover Online Savings Account that will help you take your savings game to the next level:

1. You can grow your savings with a high interest rate

Regardless of your financial goal, you’ll want your savings to earn interest (and then you’ll want that interest to earn even more interest). One of the benefits of a Discover Online Savings Account is that you can grow your money with a savings account interest rate over 5x the National Savings Average.1

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With online banks offering superior yields compared to traditional banks, Stous recommends online savings accounts to his clients as a financial strategy. “We have been steering people to online accounts because the rates have been so much better,” Stous says.

2. You can save yourself the hassle of fees

A bank account fee here and there can really add up. And who wants sneaky fees to eat into your hard-earned savings? One of the top benefits of a Discover Online Savings Account is that you won’t be charged an account fee.* Common fees that you won’t see with your Discover Online Savings Account include fees for:

  • Monthly maintenance
  • Official bank check (there’s also no fee if you need expedited delivery of your check)
  • Deposited item returned
  • Insufficient funds
  • Stop payment order
  • Account closure

Another thing to know about a Discover Online Savings Account is that the lack of maintenance or activity fees means you don’t have to stress about initiating certain account behavior (say, a regular direct deposit) to avoid a charge that could set your savings back.