When’s the last time you made an appearance at a bank branch? With the latest digital technology, there’s almost no reason to step inside a physical bank: Nearly three-quarters of Americans bank primarily online or from their mobile device, according to the American Bankers Association.

But you might still like the idea of having a checking account at a bank with a branch nearby. Why? Maybe you think online banks aren’t as convenient as stopping by your neighborhood branch to get cash (free coffee aside), the perks aren’t as good as with traditional banks or that online banks aren’t insured. Actually, these are three of several big myths about online banking.

Not being able to deposit checks or get cash easily are common myths about online checking accounts.

“People who say online bank accounts are inconvenient may not know how they work,” says Monica Lam, founder of money-saving blog Lucky Mojito. “I can mobile deposit a check into my account at any time without having to drive to the bank and wait in line.”

Lam wishes she hadn’t fallen for common online banking myths and took the benefits of online checking accounts more seriously sooner. “If someone had told me I could avoid using gas or spending time going to the bank to deposit my checks,” Lam says, “I would have switched a long time ago.”

By now you’re probably wondering, “What are the most common myths about online banking?” We reveal them—and debunk them—so you can understand why opening an online checking account might be right for you.

Myth 1: They’re inconvenient

Don’t just take Lam’s word that inconvenience is an online banking myth. Patricia Russell, a certified financial planner at FinanceMarvel, agrees. “Some online accounts offer 24/7 access to many features of the bank. You can open your account, view your balance, deposit checks, apply for loans and pay bills—all from the convenience of the mobile app or website,” Russell says.