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Why are drivers often suffering from stomach pain?

Tại sao nghề lái xe dễ bị đau dạ dày

Why driving a car with stomach pain is a question that many of us in the Ford Mustang enthusiast club allmustangandfordclub wondered. To answer this, today we will help you. What is the general perception of this job as well as how it affects stomach disease?

Stomach pain, the disease of modern life, the disease does not leave anyone if we live with a non-scientific way. Objective with disease from the beginning without any preventive measures. Not only do people who practice driving are all at risk of stomach failure if they do not know how to care and protect their health.

Why driving a car can be a painful stomach

Why are drivers often suffering from stomach pain?

Most people think that driving is an easy job to hold the steering wheel and gear on all roads. But the practice of driving is one of the six “hard” jobs and the most harmful to health.

The hardship of driving is not heavy weight, but it is a journey of a few days, sometimes even a week if running intercity. Staying awake all the time, erratic weather along with road obstacles also cause many difficulties.

In addition to the fixed time frame, eating not punctual or a few days without washing and 1-2 days without sleep is very normal. Occupational characteristics that lead to potential health hazards are undeniable, typically among which are stomach upset.

Why driving traumatized 2

To explain the question why a driver prone to stomach pain meticulously least let World Club Ford Mustang enthusiasts allmustangandfordclub.com roll 4 elements harmful to the stomach for driving a the following vehicles:

4 factors that cause stomach harm in the driving profession

High concentration leads to stress

Whether driving a car, a truck, or a container requires a high degree of concentration to ensure safety. The carelessness in a taciturn will cause serious consequences, in addition, the road traffic confusion as in our country has increased many obstacles for the driver. This is also one of the first underlying causes of instability in the driver’s stomach.

Why driving a car can be a painful stomach 3

The effect of psychosocial stress increases the secretion of Hcl and pepsin, causing the gastric mucosal layer to become more vulnerable to peptic ulcer disease. Most noticeable is the tense driving, high altitude, angry, fear … causing stomach pain while driving.

Driving a stomach ache due to eating disorders

Alone in the driving business, no one is strange with eating not eat properly and eat through the speakers. Those who drive long distances do not have time to eat on time, when they eat often eat fast food. The wrong eating, fast food then continue to be under pressure to drive the car leading to confusion in the control of gastric contractions cause indigestion. Ford Mustang enthusiasts allmustangandfordclub.com found that this was the biggest cause of stomach pain in the industry.

Why can driving traumatic stomach 4

Sleeping erratic

Due to occupational requirements, the driver does not have a timetable as a normal person. The interplay between running the night and running day makes sleeping also changes. When the body has unstable rhythms leading to abnormalities in digestion and nerves.

The use of alcohol, caffeinated beverages, smoking

Why can driving a stomach ache  is probably not missing this answer. Alcohol is the beginning of the story. Going to meet many of the money is not strange by way of communication by inviting several glasses for easy talk.

To each place a different culture, but the three cups have “friendly brother”. Although drink less, but when added to the elements of eating, stress increases the level of damage to the stomach.

Why driving traumatized 5

In addition, long-haul drivers, trucks and North-South passenger cars use caffeinated drinks and cigarettes to help them stay awake. You will not be surprised when you see the delegates drinking tea, coffee, beef and smoke throughout the run. Adding to eating less than drinking makes the stomach more and more weakened. Over time it will lead to chronic stomach pain.

Now you know why driving a car can be a painful stomach ! World Club Ford Mustang enthusiasts allmustangandfordclub.comhope that through sharing above those in the profession take care of your health in the best way. To prevent the disease, say no to stomach pain, the advice of experts for you is drinking Micell ADIVA technology.

This is a support food, health protection with German technology. Therefore, just take a Micell ADIVA technology every day, no matter what occupation you do not need to worry stomach aches.

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