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<p>Comparing the Ford Mustang Facelift 2018 and the old version is a topic that many people are interested in when the car just introduced this car. Today, Ford Mustang enthusiasts allmustangandfordclub.com will give you an overview of the upgraded to the new Ford Mustang Facelift 2018. Just past the Ford Mustang Facelift 2018, the car […]</p>
<p>Along club Ford Mustang enthusiasts allmustangandfordclub.com shared review 2018 Ford Mustang newly unveiled receive preference of car enthusiasts the world over it this article! Surely, those who love cars, who are in need of a beautiful car will know the information about this new car. However, to get a glimpse of the look of this car […]</p>

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How to reduce stress when driving

Cách giảm stress hiệu quả khi lái xe 2

A survey shows that 40% of women who drive are always stressful and have bad psychological control when driving their own car. So how not to encounter these problems to be comfortable when driving. Do not worry, there are seven ways to reduce the stress that the Ford Mustang enthusiasts share below right to overcome this situation in the best way.

Keep your body comfortable

Driving a car is not easy, especially for beginners or for women because they are often worried that the handling of the situation is not good. Therefore, keeping the mood is always comfortable, lucid when driving is extremely important.

How to reduce stress when driving 1

Especially, when driving long distances, people need to carefully prepare the possible shortcomings to prevent and handle the situation in the most appropriate way, avoid falling into a deadlock.

For example, there is a woman who asks questions about Ford Mustang enthusiasts : “What do I do when I’m on the road with a broken tire, while from the wrong place to the milk? Be far away, “Surely, you have encountered this situation right? How will you handle this? Do not over-stress, stress, if you do not have a way to handle the situation, please see the sharing in this article.

Do not put too much emphasis on the problem, you will do well without any obstacle.

Here’s how to reduce stress.

  1. Mobile phones are necessary, can not not carry with you

Do not forget to bring your cell phone with you, as it is very necessary when you need help. If you go to a predetermined address, you should tell the person at your address that you will arrive at your intended departure time.

How to reduce stress when driving 2

  1. Must have directions document is a way to reduce stress effectively

As you grasp the road map, you will probably be somewhat relieved when driving without worrying about getting lost in some wilderness. You do not have the time to imagine and fear, only focus on driving to only.

Before the trip, especially with unfamiliar road sections, it’s a good idea to define your route on the map, and plan ahead of time. Therefore, remember to always have a map in the box to glove in the car when you forget where you need to go.

  1. Drive at the right time

How to reduce stress when driving 3

If you have to drive to a place you have never been to, or the terrain is complex, security is not guaranteed, then the effective way to reduce stress is to go to day and try to arrange time to reach the destination. It is still morning to avoid psychological impact.

  1. Filling up with gas is a great way to reduce stress when driving

Make sure you fill up with gasoline before the gasoline gauge is only 1/4 of a hitch to avoid worrying about gasoline before you find the fuel.

How to reduce stress when driving 4

  1. Ensure safety during driving

Security is a common concern among many, especially women. Never leave your valuables in your car, so take them away before leaving the car. And remember to never allow strangers to take the car to avoid the risk.

How to reduce stress when driving 5

  1. Keep calm when dealing with problems

When there are any incidents, accidents on the road, the first is to check whether everyone in the car is safe and then use a mobile phone call emergency vehicles immediately.

  1. Tire deflated

This issue, the Ford Mustang enthusiasts club has mentioned above. Tire deflated is a problem when driving many people worried. To reduce stress effectively for you, get rid of anxiety when going by having in your car an electric pump (price below 500,000 VND, using 12V power source of the car). If the tires are deflated in the middle of the road, use electric pumping tires and drive to the garage immediately. But learning how to change tires is a great suggestion.

How to reduce stress when driving 6

The problem of stress when driving often women are encountered a lot. So, the Ford Mustang enthusiasts’ club always wants to drive safely and stay relaxed with the stress-relieving methods we share.

Liver detoxification at home

Cách giải độc gan tại nhà

To help people protect their health, today’s Ford Mustang enthusiasts club allmustangandfordclub.com updated the liver detoxification at home after Tet for the driver’s brother right in this article.


The liver is the most important organ of the body because it is involved in most biological processes that take place in the body.Specifically, the activities that help maintain the body that the liver participates in include:

– Create bile that helps digest food and convert nutrients from food into energy for the body, regulates the amount of fat, vitamins, minerals, trace elements that the body needs.

The liver produces the substances needed for brain activity, the spinal cord, the production and excretion of cholesterol, and control of blood clotting.

Liver detoxification at home

– The liver produces immune factors and removes the bacteria, which help the body build resistance against infection.

– It is the body that stores important substances that can feed the body to supply the body at times necessary.

– Especially important function that the Ford Mustang enthusiast club allmustangandfordclub want to emphasize here is to detoxify the body by excreting toxic substances out of the body.

Therefore, the purification and protection of the liver is essential. With liver detoxification at home after the Lunar New Year, the driver and the folks below simply help you protect this important organ.



Drink 3 to 4 times a day with dandelion root to clean the liver, colon and gallbladder. Because dandelion tea is diuretic, help neutralize and remove heavy metals out of the body.

How to detox liver at home 2


Do not underestimate the power of green tea, not only is the material of beauty women are favorite, but also the security to help liver detoxify the body effectively. They not only protect your liver from damage, but its powerful antioxidant properties have been shown to help promote liver function and help eliminate fat accumulation in the liver. So drink a glass of green tea every day to keep your liver healthy.

How to detox the liver at home 3


A mixture of one tablespoon of organic olive oil plus half a lemon juice with two grapefruit is a cheap remedy to help detoxify the liver, colon and gallbladder effectively at home.


Very simple, just four tablespoons of salt Epsom suited with three glasses of grapefruit juice is also a powerful purification mixture. Please split this mixture into 4 and drink the day you offline!

How to detox liver at home 4


A mixture of lemon juice, warm water, 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of honey will be a purifying drink and cleanse the liver in the morning before eating.


Drink barley juice to remove toxins from the liver and blood. By boiling one cup of barley in three liters of water for 3 hours and drinking throughout the day.

Hepatotoxicity at home 5


Research shows that eating one or two avocados a week for up to a month can help the liver recover the damage.


It helps regenerate damaged liver cells, protects against harmful free radicals and helps maintain overall health of the liver and gallbladder. Curcumin is found in turmeric, which prevents the development of cirrhosis.

Very simple, take half a teaspoon of turmeric powder (or two teaspoons of fresh turmeric juice) with warm water twice a day.Add some black pepper to your body to absorb better.

Liver detoxification at home 6

Turmeric is very good for the liver and stomach, so today there are many extracts from health technology for liver and stomach are well known. Ford Mustang enthusiasts club allmustangandfordclub.com recommends the protection of the liver, stomach readers can refer to: Art ADMA Micell of Germany.


Garlic is a powerful antioxidant that activates the natural detoxification process and consumes cloves to help the liver detoxify and protect it from damage.

According to the World Health Organization, it is recommended to use 2-5 grams of garlic or cloves a day to keep the liver healthy.


Ginger boosts liver function well and protects against liver problems. Therefore, drinking ginger tea daily will help the liver continuously be clean and healthy. You just add a teaspoon of ginger to warm water or tea.

Liver detoxification at home 7


Chicory leaves help maintain healthy liver, which is used in the treatment of liver disease, jaundice and gallstones. Therefore, drinking it as tea will also cleanse the colon.

To make tea, boil water and fried chicory roots with a small fire for at least half an hour, then drink it daily. Dried roots can also be boiled and eaten as a vegetable.


Liquorice protects and enhances liver function, helping to neutralize the toxic substances commonly found in the liver. Licorice root tea is made by the following: chopped licorice roots and boiled with two glasses of water to drink every day.

Liver detoxification at home 8

Hope the sharing that the Ford Mustang enthusiast club allmustangandfordclub mentioned above will help the brother often drive, or drink alcohol, … have effective detoxification liver at home. Siblings should also refer to the housewife with the formula above! Wish you always healthy.

The effects of car dust on humans

Những tác hại của khói bụi xe đối với con người 3

Every day exposed dust, you know how your body will be affected? Recognizing that air pollution is becoming more and more serious and a leading cause of many serious illnesses. The harms of car exhaust to the health if exploited is extremely terrible, not joking. Today, the Ford Mustang enthusiasts’ club will update useful information for you readers about this issue:

You need to know immediately what kind of diseases caused by dust to have a better way to protect health.

The effects of car dust on humans

1. Respiratory tract

This is the first harm to the health of dust, because in the dust contains a lot of particles less than 5 micrometres deep into the alveoli and stored there to wait for the disease.

Harms of car smoke 2

Actually, there are many respiratory diseases that people who are exposed to dusty environment such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) difficult to recover. There are also diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, … even tuberculosis, nasopharynx, nose and lung cancer.

Harms of car dust 3

  1. The effects of car dust: Acne and skin aging

This is also a harm that the Ford Mustang enthusiasts want to emphasize. After ultraviolet rays, smoke is now considered a major cause of skin problems such as skin irritation, acne, darkening and even aging.

The effects of car smoke on people 4

Exposure to dust causes the skin to become ugly

According to Prof. Jean Krutmann, director of the Leibniz Institute for Environmental Medicine in Germany: Small particles called PMs are abundant in the dust that is the leading cause of brown spots and wrinkles on the skin.

In addition, NO2 in air pollution also leads to rapid aging. “The toxic substances in the dust will cause dermatitis leading to infection, causing many collagen in the skin to hurt, so the skin will sag, appear more wrinkles and accelerate the aging. ”

Therefore, you need to limit the exposure to dust, if the person is often faced with it should take care of the skin properly and add collagen drink to the body to nourish the skin healthy, say no to the old the skin. Suggested products are used today: Essential beauty Collagen ADIVA of Germany.

3. The effects of car dirt: cardiovascular disease

Harms of car dust. 5

Polluted air can lead to cardiovascular disease, which is caused by smoke and dust that affect the ability of the blood vessels to expand and contract. This causes the blood vessels to shrink, thereby obstructing blood circulation. More dangerous is that pollution can lead to the formation of blood clots in the arteries, the main cause of heart attack.

4. Obesity

The Mustang Ford Mustang Club thinks that when it comes to this, many people are confused. Many people often joke that only inhale the air but also fat, this is too ridiculous. However, with the current situation, it is not just a joke. Because if you breathe air polluted regularly, then you are likely to be at risk for weight gain and obesity.

Harms of car dusts 6

To prove this, the team from Ohio State University began experimenting on mice. One group of mice was housed in a clean environment, while the other group lived in a polluted environment. After a 10-week period, the mice exposed to fat were significantly thicker, both in the waist and viscera. Fat cells were 20 percent larger in size than mice. kept in good condition.

These are the detrimental effects of smoke and dust on human health as well as human health. Therefore, if you are a racing enthusiast, be speed lovers, be on the road every day. So what to do to limit harmful smoke and dust?

The Ford Mustang enthusiasts’ club would like to share the following ways of reducing exposure to dust:

– Always wear a mask when going to the road.

Harms of car dusts 7

When you are in a dusty environment, you should breathe through your nose, avoid breathing with your mouth, because breathing through your mouth will make it easier for the dust to enter your lungs.

– While on the road, should limit talk to prevent dust entering the dust.

– After leaving home, you should wash your face, hands and feet clean to remove dirt pollution is clinging to people.

The Ford Mustang enthusiasts’ club hopes the sharing of the effects of car dirt on people will help people have a way to protect the health and care of the skin in a consistent way. unify.

Compare Ford Mustang Facelift 2018 and older

So sánh Ford Mustang Facelift 2018 9

Comparing the Ford Mustang Facelift 2018 and the old version is a topic that many people are interested in when the car just introduced this car. Today, Ford Mustang enthusiasts allmustangandfordclub.com will give you an overview of the upgraded to the new Ford Mustang Facelift 2018.

Just past the Ford Mustang Facelift 2018, the car has brought a strong wave of car enthusiasts and want to experience speed.The official image of the car is announced with the upgraded version.

Compare Ford Mustang Facelift 2018

Ford Mustang Facelift 2018 What’s New?

The car has a lot of new details – the V6 engine with new active safety technology, and most notably the design. It’s been such a long time since there was such a controversial upgrade between the fans, the cars, the speed.

For an objective answer to the question of whether the facelift version is upgraded or downgraded, how do we compare the Ford Mustang Facelift 2018 and the old 2015-2017 model?

Let club Ford Mustang enthusiasts allmustangandfordclub.com go on exploiting the community favorite car was debuted at them!

About the design of the car

To compare the Ford Mustang Facelift 2018 and the oldest version, you need to look at the two images below:

Compare Ford Mustang Facelift 2018 2

Ford Mustang 2018

Compare Ford Mustang Facelift 2018 3

Ford Mustang 2015-2017

The biggest difference of the 2018 car is the design of the car. The new hood is lowered 20 mm from the previous version. The hood on the hood has been refurbished and the car has a wider, wider grille that requires the car’s head to be redesigned a bit.

Along with that is the headlight system of the new version is LED with new shape. The front of the car is more aerodynamic with a more modern look. However, whether it looks more polite than the 2015-2017 version or not is a question that surely fans will set for this car.

About the tail design

When comparing the Ford Mustang Facelift 2018 and the old version can not ignore the tail design of each version. Here is a picture of each version:

Compare Ford Mustang Facelift 2018 4

Mustang new version 2018

 Compare Ford Mustang Facelift 2018 5

Mustang old version 2015-2017

In general, the tail end of the Mustang 2018 looks more delicate than the older version. Start with a new LED tail light, followed by a new tailgate and rear wing. You can distinguish the new version by its exhaust. Specifically, the four-cylinder 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost has two exhaust pipes, while the 5.0-liter V8 engine uses a quad exhaust. The Mustang 2018 also features new paint colors: Kona Blue, Orange Fury and Royal Crimson.

Ford Mustang enthusiasts allmustangandfordclub.com found that the rear end of the new model was a step forward.

What is the interior design of the Mustang 2018?

There is no denying the interesting part of this new version of the complete digital clocks, which are now available as options for 2018. This is a radical change from the analog dual clock of the session. The old one now becomes a digital computer.

Compare Ford Mustang Facelift 2018 6

Along with that, other changes on the car include new dashboard trim, aluminum door grille surfaces, new seat design, a new Mustang logo for the console, a redesigned key very modern.

Compare Ford Mustang Facelift 2018 7

Here are the comparison of Ford Mustang Facelift 2018 and the old version, this car still has many secrets after being sold will definitely be exploited. 2018 will be sold in the US this fall. According to you, although not experienced new car but the new version and older models, which is better?

If you are a car enthusiast, always update information and share the Ford Mustang enthusiast club allmustangandfordclub.comwith the comments below!

Here are some photos of the Ford Mustang 2018:

Compare Ford Mustang Facelift 2018 8

Compare Ford Mustang Facelift 2018 9

Compare Ford Mustang Facelift 2018 10

Why are drivers often suffering from stomach pain?

Tại sao nghề lái xe dễ bị đau dạ dày

Why driving a car with stomach pain is a question that many of us in the Ford Mustang enthusiast club allmustangandfordclub wondered. To answer this, today we will help you. What is the general perception of this job as well as how it affects stomach disease?

Stomach pain, the disease of modern life, the disease does not leave anyone if we live with a non-scientific way. Objective with disease from the beginning without any preventive measures. Not only do people who practice driving are all at risk of stomach failure if they do not know how to care and protect their health.

Why driving a car can be a painful stomach

Why are drivers often suffering from stomach pain?

Most people think that driving is an easy job to hold the steering wheel and gear on all roads. But the practice of driving is one of the six “hard” jobs and the most harmful to health.

The hardship of driving is not heavy weight, but it is a journey of a few days, sometimes even a week if running intercity. Staying awake all the time, erratic weather along with road obstacles also cause many difficulties.

In addition to the fixed time frame, eating not punctual or a few days without washing and 1-2 days without sleep is very normal. Occupational characteristics that lead to potential health hazards are undeniable, typically among which are stomach upset.

Why driving traumatized 2

To explain the question why a driver prone to stomach pain meticulously least let World Club Ford Mustang enthusiasts allmustangandfordclub.com roll 4 elements harmful to the stomach for driving a the following vehicles:

4 factors that cause stomach harm in the driving profession

High concentration leads to stress

Whether driving a car, a truck, or a container requires a high degree of concentration to ensure safety. The carelessness in a taciturn will cause serious consequences, in addition, the road traffic confusion as in our country has increased many obstacles for the driver. This is also one of the first underlying causes of instability in the driver’s stomach.

Why driving a car can be a painful stomach 3

The effect of psychosocial stress increases the secretion of Hcl and pepsin, causing the gastric mucosal layer to become more vulnerable to peptic ulcer disease. Most noticeable is the tense driving, high altitude, angry, fear … causing stomach pain while driving.

Driving a stomach ache due to eating disorders

Alone in the driving business, no one is strange with eating not eat properly and eat through the speakers. Those who drive long distances do not have time to eat on time, when they eat often eat fast food. The wrong eating, fast food then continue to be under pressure to drive the car leading to confusion in the control of gastric contractions cause indigestion. Ford Mustang enthusiasts allmustangandfordclub.com found that this was the biggest cause of stomach pain in the industry.

Why can driving traumatic stomach 4

Sleeping erratic

Due to occupational requirements, the driver does not have a timetable as a normal person. The interplay between running the night and running day makes sleeping also changes. When the body has unstable rhythms leading to abnormalities in digestion and nerves.

The use of alcohol, caffeinated beverages, smoking

Why can driving a stomach ache  is probably not missing this answer. Alcohol is the beginning of the story. Going to meet many of the money is not strange by way of communication by inviting several glasses for easy talk.

To each place a different culture, but the three cups have “friendly brother”. Although drink less, but when added to the elements of eating, stress increases the level of damage to the stomach.

Why driving traumatized 5

In addition, long-haul drivers, trucks and North-South passenger cars use caffeinated drinks and cigarettes to help them stay awake. You will not be surprised when you see the delegates drinking tea, coffee, beef and smoke throughout the run. Adding to eating less than drinking makes the stomach more and more weakened. Over time it will lead to chronic stomach pain.

Now you know why driving a car can be a painful stomach ! World Club Ford Mustang enthusiasts allmustangandfordclub.comhope that through sharing above those in the profession take care of your health in the best way. To prevent the disease, say no to stomach pain, the advice of experts for you is drinking Micell ADIVA technology.

This is a support food, health protection with German technology. Therefore, just take a Micell ADIVA technology every day, no matter what occupation you do not need to worry stomach aches.

Protect your skin while driving the Ford Mustang in the sun

bảo vệ da khi lái xe 3

You own a Ford Mustang, you are afraid to drive out the sunshine impact. How to protect your skin while driving in the most optimal way? Today, Ford Mustang enthusiasts club allmustangandfordclub.com would like to share the secret to help you no longer worry, happy with your car and the box.

protect the skin while driving

Protect your skin while driving the most perfectly

Why should I protect my skin when driving?

In the sun’s rays many rays are harmful to the skin, even the risk of skin cancer. Sometimes you do not notice, but this risk accumulates over time and greatly affects your health.

UV rays can affect your skin while you go to the beach, swim in the middle of summer and forget about sunscreen, or you drive under the summer weather after a long day. All these activities are at risk for skin cancer.

protect skin when driving 2

The effects of UV rays on health and skin are numerous

According to some recent studies from the American Academy of Dermatology Aacdemy report: Nearly 53% of skin cancer patients in the United States have a disease from the left side of the body, meaning the driver’s side of the car. (the sun is most shone). Similarly, in the steering wheel in the upper right, the researchers observed a high incidence of skin cancer in patients with right arm and face.

Generally exposure to ultraviolet radiation is cumulative. If you do not protect the skin while driving , the effect of UV rays on your skin and health is very dangerous. In addition to wrinkles that lead to aging, according to American Academy magazine, exposure to sunlight is one of the leading causes of skin cancer.

Will Ford Mustang doors not prevent UV rays?

In fact, the windows of the car can also block UV rays, but only UVB rays, and long wavelength UVA rays can not be blocked.

skin protection when driving 3

At the same time, most of them are only applied to the windshield, and the glass is not available. This poses a risk of UV damage to the occupants. So, you need to equip yourself with knowledge to protect the skin while driving . Therefore, Ford Mustang enthusiasts club allmustangandfordclub.com will share tips to help you relieve this anxiety.

Skin protection solution when you should know

The best way to combat these problems is to put a automotive insulating film on your Ford Mustang car. This is the most effective sun protection and skin protection method.

skin protection when driving 4

When gluing car heat resistant film, your car window will provide a permanent solution to protect the skin and avoid the risks associated with UV rays.

At the same time, it is advisable to stick the film as an integral part of your overall skin care program. Because the product works as a sunscreen by blocking more than 99% of the UV rays from the sun.

Nowadays, the automotive film market offers a wide range of colors and degrees of transparency, suitable for glass doors, glass panels and rear windows for different types of vehicles.

Ford Mustang enthusiasts allmustangandfordclub.com recommends that you look for a genuine quality automotive insulation film to equip your car. As this is a way to keep you safe while driving, protecting your health, protecting your skin and protecting the interior most effectively.

In short, whether you are driving this car, it is very important to protect your skin when driving . Do not think that when you sit on the car, there are shields that your skin is not affected by the sun. That’s a big mistake! Besides, it is necessary to protect the skin with external anti-wrinkle creams if necessary.

In particular, for women, skin fresh, not aging is what everyone wants to own. So, take care of the skin from the inside and outside the smartest. Collagen accounts for 70% of the structure of the skin, so adding collagen to maintain beautiful skin, say no to skin aging is a necessity. Ford Mustang enthusiasts club allmustangandfordclub.com also recommends that women ADIVA beauty collagen is a great gift for skin that is devoted to women. This is the most comprehensive skin protection solution.

Review Ford Mustang 2018 has just launched

Review Ford Mustang 2018 2

Along club Ford Mustang enthusiasts allmustangandfordclub.com shared review 2018 Ford Mustang newly unveiled receive preference of car enthusiasts the world over it this article! Surely, those who love cars, who are in need of a beautiful car will know the information about this new car. However, to get a glimpse of the look of this car do not skip this extreme review.

Get the charm at first sight

Ford Mustang Review 2018

That is the review of the Ford Mustang 2018 most recognized by many. Appeal of this car makes everyone must bustling heart for the desire to own it. US carmaker has officially launched an improved version of the sports car muscle hit with some changes in terms of the exterior, especially the engine block of the vehicle, causing the eyebrow whiskers exclaimed .

Review Ford Mustang 2018 2

Review Ford Mustang 2018 on design

In terms of design, this car possesses many changes compared to the current version, especially the front. 2018 Ford Mustang convertible was lowered by 0.8 inch, clusters designed grille and headlights have been redesigned. At the same time strip lights turn signals and fog lights are combined into one strip lights, side air inlets 2 block are scaled up.

Besides, the small inlet holes on the bumpers are also narrowed down compared to the current version. Ford Mustang enthusiasts club allmustangandfordclub.com found that launching this car was a big deal.

Moving forward, the tail of this 2018 version looks more sporty and bolder. The GT variant features double sided dual exhaust manifolds, fixed windlasses, redesigned rear bumper, and LED backlight bulbs designed to be larger and clearer.

Review Ford Mustang 2018 3

Review Ford Mustang 2018 interior design how? While in the interior, cabin design is not much difference. Some point small changes including instrument cluster behind the steering wheel redesigned digital format, 12 inch screen in the center console is designed more impressive, seat also was remade monumental compared to the previous version.

Review Ford Mustang 2018 4

Overall interior of the Mustang in 2018 changed slightly, owning display completely electronically. In safety systems, Ford first technology to bring money collision warning up Mustang 2018.Chung I firmly believe that the car will make believers crazy car enthusiasts, like speed.

Ford Mustang Review 2018 5

Special features of the Ford Mustang 2018

What the Ford Mustang enthusiasts allmustangandfordclub.com wants to emphasize here is that this car is equipped with tremendous power.

This is a genuine Ford Mustang 2018 review of the car: the Ford Mustang 2018 starts with the 2.3-liter Ecoboost engine block which promises greater torque output and better acceleration. Followed by the 5.0L V8 engine (similar to the F-150 5.0) is equipped on the GT version. Meanwhile, the 3.7L V6 naturally absorbed no natural gas from this generation. The Ecoboost and V8 engines will come with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

In short, instead of the previous V6 engine, the Ford Mustang muscle car will be equipped with a more powerful V8 engine, to a higher level. This is the biggest difference of the car, it creates a new wave, stronger, more class.

Review Ford Mustang 2018 6

At present, US car manufacturers have not announced the parameters of power as well as fuel consumption of vehicles like.Song Ford said that this generation is stronger than any Mustang GT ever produced. Therefore, this car promises to make a big resound.

Currently, the price of the car has not been announced by Ford while they will start appearing in the showroom this fall.

Above is the review of Ford Mustang 2018 new car nature is launched. Ford Mustang enthusiasts club allmustangandfordclub.com will aggregate and update the latest information about this car in the near future.