1st AMFC Holiday Party- December 20, 2003

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Beth receiving her outstanding service award.

Charles Dohs Outstanding Service Award


Dominic Izon Outstanding Service Award


Erik De vries Outstanding Service Award


Hey is that my award...


Jeff Spencer Outstanding Service Award



Julio Guerra Outstanding Service Award


Kathy & Rob Kenzel Outstanding Service Award


Marlon giving Shirley her fist place award for best decorated Entry for the parade.


Marlon presenting Diane & Ron Arrigoni their Award.


Marlon Reading His wifes award during the presentation.


Pam & John Villegas with their outstanding service Award


Ralph Bermudez Outstang Service Award


Ronit & Jeff Fischbach Outstang Service Award


Somebody is getting an award.


Carla Rae got a Cool Gift!


Charlie likes his gift!


Child Proof Packaging Doh!!


WOW this is Cooooool.


Erik likes his gift!!


Child proof packaging, Darn it.




I wonder what David Grant received.


So That's What David got!


Kathy and her dream car!


Look Cindy a Flashlight!


Paul & Terri Crosswhite, Hey Cool Gift.


Ron won a Chevy, hahahaha.


Shirley likes her gift too!


Ted is trying to get Kari to trade with him.


Wait a minute the Thompson's traded with the Villegas's.


That looks like a HOT gift!!


WOW another Hot Gift!!


The Smoking Section.


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